All Copyright Laws Apply -
These embroidery design sets are copyrighted by
Designs by Rhonda
and are intended for the exclusive and personal use of the individual purchasing them.
Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of these products or any portion of it, by email, diskette, CD or machine card, or by any other means, to any
third party is strictly prohibited.
These designs may be used in the production of goods for resale by an individual or home business up to 100 items a year.
These designs may not be used for industrial or commercial businesses without special licensing.
Please contact me for commercial licensing. Unlimited usage for donated items, but you still cannot transfer, give away, share or sell the digitized
designs themselves to a non profit organization or it's members.
This is prohibited.
These designs may not be altered in any way or posted as a download on any website.
It is not true that you can alter a design 10% or any other percentage and claim it as your own. That is against ALL Copy Right Laws.
Buy purchasing these designs, you agree to all Copy Right Laws and to  the Terms of Sale.


1:  Can I resize the design, re-name it and sell it as my own?
A:  Altering the design in any way will not make it yours. Doing so is against the Law.

2:  Can I stitch the designs on items and give them away as gifts or as a Charity donation?
A:  Yes. There is no limit on how many gifts you can make for friends and Charities.

3:  Can I sell the items I make with your designs.
A:  Yes, you can sell any finished item or unfinished quilt block.  

4: How can I sell my finished items commercially?
A:  For selling commercially (more than 100 items per design per year) You will  need a Commercial License.
They are an additional $100 per set for as long as  you have the designs. Please contact me for a Commercial License.

Due to the electronic nature of these designs.
There are no refunds.
Website and Embroidery Designs Copyright (C) Designs By Rhonda