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This Tutorial may not be forwarded, shared or otherwise placed
on any Web Site without written permission from RhondaS.
"SSTPSP may, with my permission, use this tutorial."
The image used is from
And is used according to their TOU's
The scrapbook kit is "Happiness"
and can be found under her Free Kits section
Or use one of your own.
She does have some Slight Adult Content

No External Filters are needed
Use the tube from Twinky or a tube of your choice
Borders: All borders are Symmetric
Magic Wand Settings:
Mode: Add(Shift), Match Mode: RGB Value
Tolerance: 0, Contiguous: Checked, Feather: 0
You will need some knowledge of Corel PSP
A free trial can be found
Please keep original watermarks for images intact when saving.
This Tutorial was done using Corel PSP X4
but can be made with version 8 or above.
If using your own graphic, remember to change
the Foreground and Background Colors.
Instructions for Matching Incredimail Stastionary is in Step 6
Lets Begin

Step 1
Open the image in PSP
Image>Resize to 300 on longest side
Edit>Paste as New Image  
Do this Twice
Close original image without saving.

Step 2
First let's make our background pattern
Open one of the image copies
Effects>Image Effects>Seamless Tiling
With default settings
Corner, Bidirectional, Horizontal offset 0, Vertical offset 0, Transition
50, Linear 50
Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur
Settings: 20

New Raster Layer
Layer>arrange>Move to bottom
Flood fill with white

Highlight top layer
Lower Opacity to 50%

Layers>Merge Visible
Effects>Reflection Effects>Pattern
With these settings

Horizontal offset: 0, Vertical offset: 0
Rotation angle: 40, Scale Factor: 0
Number of Columns: 10, Number of Rows: 10
Horizontal shift: 0 Vertical shift: 10

Effects>Image Effects>Seamless Tiling
With these settings
Edge, Vertical
Width and Transition both set to 50

Step 3

New Transparent Image
500 x 500
Find the pattern you just made and put it in your Foreground
Settings: Angle 0, and 100%
Flood fill with foreground pattern color

Maximize your other tube

Go back to your working image
Edit>Paste as a New Layer
Move this image to the upper Left corner.
See example for placement

Step 4

Pick a Dark Color from your tube or a contrasting color
I have used #b96f9d

Activate your Text tool
Pick a font of your choice,
I have used Allura
With these settings: size 48 and Stroke width 0, Bold
You may have to adjust if using a different font

Type the words as shown in example
Or choose your own saying
A Little
Bird Told
Me it was

Convert to Raster
Change your font size to 150 and type

Convert to Raster

Arrange the wording and placement to your liking.
See example for my placement choice

Highlight Top Layer (Birthday)
Layers>Merge>Merge Down

All text will now be in one layer

Highlight text layer
Effects>3D Effects>Inner Bevel
With these settings
Bevel 2, Width: 8, Smoothness: 44, Depth: 4
Ambience: 50, Elevation: 30
You can add a drop shadow if you want. I didn't use one on the

Highlight the Tube and add a drop shadow of your choice.
I used the following settings.
Effects>3D Effects>Drop Shadow
Vertical: 0. Horizontal: 0, Opacity: 50, Blur: 25, Color: Black
Layers>Merge>Merge Visible

Step 5
Now lets add some borders

Image>Add Borders
Symmetric always checked
1 with Black

Selections>Select All
Selections>Modify>Contract by 1

Effects>3D Effects>Cut Out
With these settings
Vertical: 4, Horizontal: 4 , Opacity: 80, Blur: 20, Color: Use your
Dark Color
Repeat but change the Vertical and Horizontal to both -4

Selections>Select None

Image>Add Borders
20 with White

Activate your Magic Wand
Make sure the Feather is at 0

Click on White border
Effects>Reflection Effects>Kaleidoscope
With these settings
Horizontal: -43, Vertical: -94, Rotation: 7,
Scale Factor: -18, Radial Suction: 90, Edge mode: Reflect
You made change the settings to suit when using a different graphic

Keep Selected

Effects>3D Effects>Outer Bevel
With these settings
Bevel 1 Width: 3. Smoothness: 4, Depth: 8, Ambience: 2, Shininess:
Color: White, Angle: 315, Intensity: 50, Elevation: 30
Select None

New Raster Layer
Add your Watermark
Layers>Merge All
You can resize to desired size.
Finished size of example is 542 x 542

Step 6

Incredimail Stationary

Resize the image that you just made to no more than 300 on longest

Open a new image
1280 x 300
Flood Fill with the Pattern you made for the Tag with the same
(Angle 9 and 100%)

Edit>Paste as new layer
Move image to the far left side
Centering it horizontally

Effects>3D Effects>Drop Shadow
With the same settings as before

Layers>Merge>Merge All

Save as JPG

Assemble in Letter Creator