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single file, making it easier to download. With out the creation of the zip file, each design
would have to be downloaded separately.

Your machine will not recognize a zip file. You will need to UN - zip it first.
Follow these steps

First: You will need a program to unzip the zip files. Or files with the .Zip extension.
Some computers come with Win-Zip, some with a trial of Win-zip. If you don't have this
program there is NO need to purchase anything.

Here is a link to a great free program that I have used for years.
Please read the instructions they have provided on their web page.
Download the
.exe file
Un-zipping Your Download
Once you have downloaded and installed the 7 zip program which is a self extracting and
Find your download file from Designs By Rhonda and follow these steps.

Please download your embroidery files in a place where you can find them. Some systems
automatically save in your DOWNLOAD folder unless you have changed your settings to
ask you first.
For this purpose, I am using the Download folder for an example. I have Win 8, so my file
manager may look a little different than yours.
Follow these instructions.

First open up your 7 zip program.
Go to your folder where you saved your download.
Highlight that download, it will end in .zip
and click on Extract
Highlight that folder and double click to Open folder
You will then find a zip file for each format. Some will include a Stitch or Color chart that is a
PDF file. Other designs will have a download for the Color chart on it's page on my website.
If you don't have a PDF reader, you can download it free from Adobe  
Adobe Reader
At this point you can choose where you want it
just click OK
Click on the Extract button, just as you did before.
This will make another folder containing ALL the embroidery files for that format in a folder that
your machine can read.

Thank you,
Designs By Rhonda
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